Big Mic's Food Review: Nash & Proper

February 4, 2019

So several months ago I made my way to "The Best Of Sacramento" event at the Convention Center and through all the many different set ups by restaurants and alcohol/wine vendors with long lines at many of them, in the far back there was a food truck with a line longer than pretty much every line in the building, and that was of Nash & Proper.  I fortunately ran into someone who I knew that was near the front of the line and TOTALLY BY ACCIDENT ended up not having to wait long to try a sample of the heavenly chicken, but I did, and then I knew I needed to get more.   

Finally several months later I saw that Nash & Proper was going to be at the SacYard Community Tap House 1 year anniversary and I made a point to drive all the way over there from Natomas and finally get me some chicken.... and ohhhhhhhh was I happy I did.  Was definitely a tough decision deciding what I wanted to order with options like the Sammich and the tenders on the board with varying degrees of heat... but opted for the "Quarter Bird" with Medium heat and the rest was history. 

I knew the Quarter Bird was a leg and thigh, what I did NOT realize was that it was all just one single BONELESS chunk of meat and nothing but meaty deliciousness without those bones getting in the way of my bites, and if the chicken wasnt so hot (both temperature and spice) I would have just devoured the whole thing down in a few bites it was so good.  And while the chicken was the star of the show, there should be an award for the supporting act which were the crinkle cut fries with some amazing seasoning. I think you could honestly pour that seasoning on any vegetable and take it to the next level.    Nash & Proper does what I think many food trucks or restaurants could do more of and thats instead of being good at a lot of things, be GREAT at one thingm and in this case its 4 menu options of hot chicken (Quarter bird, tenders, wings, sandwich) and heat (naked, mild, medium, cluckin hot) and making an experience my taste buds will definitely be ready for once again!    Follow them on Instagram:  @NashandProper

Ever since The Best Of Sacramento event I've been trying to pull up to @nashandproper food truck and finally today it happened at and good lawd it damn near changed my life lol eyes are still watering from that spicy kick. Bomb

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