Big Mic gets some Soul in his life at Fixins Soul Kitchen

October 22, 2019

You know, I've lived here in Sacramento for almost a year and a half and I feel I've done a good job at hitting up quite a few great restaurants around town, but when I find a new amazing spot, I get pretty damn excited, and yesterday I made my way down to the Oak Park area to get some soul in my life at Fixin's Soul Kitchen.  Now I should have known off the bat the place was going to be good because my friend who recommended it insisted I didn't go without her till she got back from her Mexico vacation, so I begrudgingly waited for her to return from tanning and drinking and BOOM made my way over.  One thing I love is that this is not a massive 5 page menu, its a single page with all the main staples you need such as fried chicken, catfish, gumbo etc, with all the great sides like mac n cheese, collard greens etc.

I got the 2 piece fried chicken with fries and mac and cheese and first off, I was impressed it didnt take forever to get the meal.  Grabbed one of the fries and loved the seasoning from the jump.  Dug in to the thick hearty portion of Mac N Cheese and loved the flavor (especially after adding some of the hot sauce on the table) and then OHHHHHHH did I do wrong (for my waistline) I ordered a side of the white gravy to try, and I dunked my biscuit in it and DAYUMMMMM MY tastebuds were all happy!  Started dipping my chicken in it (hell my friend who doesnt even like gravy tried it and she ended up eating more of it than me haha) and before I knew it I had an empty plate.   I can guarantee you I will be back here soon to try more of thier options, but definitely going to be hard to not also get that fried chicken and gravy!    And thank you to the lovely Kristen for the recommendation & the shot glass from Mexico haha!  

Lawwwwwd......this place.... In the wise words of a wise soul "So Delish" get the gravy on the side and dip everything in it!

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