Big Mic's Food Review : Dawsons Steakhouse

February 13, 2019

So look...anyone who knows me knows I love to grub! And as you can see by my prior reviews Ill eat all over the place!  But sommmmmetimes I gotta splurge and get a lil fancy on em one time and thats the mood I was in when I decided to head over to Dawson's Steakhouse.  When I first moved to Sacramento in June, my first few days were actually spent at the Hyatt Regency right across from the State Capitol  and I had always wondered what Dawson's Steakhouse was like (its on the first floor of the hotel) and finally I decided to go find out.   

Sometimes you can just post a picture and say "Nuff Said" and if you look below, that picture definitely says enough with the flavor basically pouring out of the picture!  I got the bone in ribeye which was a perfect medium rare and packed with flavor to the very last bite (Hell I was damn near chewing the rest off the bone!)  Also dont forget the sides! Got their Lobster Mac and Cheese which definitely could have had a little more lobster in it, but the pieces were in there were great!  And the Hand Cut Fries were on point too.  

If youre looking for a romantic night on the town, definitely don't think you'll be mad at Dawson's! Go check it out!  

Lawddddd when I first moved to Sac the hotel had this steakhouse that I always wondered how good it was... Today I found out lolol -- -- --

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