Big Mic "Taco Tuesday"s it up at Chandos Cantina

August 8, 2018

Ohhhhhh Taco Tuesdays and the question of "Who has the best Taco"  when I moved here to Sacramento from Denver I definitely was wondering where I was going to get my Taco Tuesday fix in as I had found my go to spot, but asking around one place kept getting mentioned and that was Chandos Cantina! did Chandos fair?

Well of course it was awesome.  Walking in at around 8p I wondered if I entered a restaurant or a club because music was blasting by Eddie Z and a club-like vibe with the lighting on the walls.  But then you sit down amongst the tables full of margaritas, and shots, and chips and salsa and I was ready to throw down.  And with tacos being like $1.50 throwing down is exactly what I did!  I got the carne asada, the chorizo y papas, the carnitas and the tinga de pollo... no doubt the winner was the carne asada!  Tasted like steak right off the grill and definitely had the most flavor, though the other options were all good too!   Something enjoyable about enjoying some good music with a DJ providing the soundtrack for your ears while the tacos take care of your tastebuds.   Also special shout out to the chips and salsa which they definitely dont hold out on giving you the right amount of salsa to chips ratio (some places by the time the salsa is gone you still have 1000 chips left)  

So I have definitely found a strong contendor for some awesome tacos in the 916, but granted Ive only been to a few places, so if you know of a place I definitely have to hit up (either for tacos or anything else) hit me up on Instagram or Twitter:  @BigMicRadio!  


#TacoTuesday yesterday at @chandoscantina! Carne asada, carnitas, Tinga de Pollo & chorizo con papa's!

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