Big Mic's Food Review: Big Mic gets meaty at Buckhorn Grill

May 15, 2019

So Im not going to lie....since I moved here almost a year ago (JUNE 1st, ALMOST MY 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY) I have been on a mission to find some bomb BBQ out here in Sac!  Ive been to a few decent places I suppose, and definitely have more spots to hit up... but the other day my boy DJ Oasis said meet me at Buckhorn Grill and bruhhhhhhhhhhhh my tastebuds were toooo happy!  Im talking about some amazing sausage and tri-tip and the mac and cheese was so deliciously cheesy.  Plus their spicy BBQ sauce was on point!  Wanna know how good it was?  I went back like 3 days later haha.  Still on a mission to try even more great BBQ spots so if you know more, hit me up @Bigmicradio on IG! 

This from earlier but damn can't believe it's taken me 11 months to get to @buckhorngrill since moving to Sac..... Soooo --... Tri tip & sausage

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