Big Mics Food Review : Bonchon

December 5, 2018

If youve read any of my prior food reviews, you can probably notice that I kiiiiiinda love me some chicken haha.  And when I can find a spot that has AMAZING chicken...its one awesome day.  Over near my spot in Natomas I had seen for a while signs saying Bonchon chicken was on its way and then BOOM finally the spot opened and I made my way over and damn, was I happy I did so.  I was trying to figure out why "5 drumsticks" were $10 and the various prices threw me off, until I got the chicken and it was some big pieces of chicken!  To me the small combo that came with 6 wings and 3 drumsticks was the best bet and got a best of both worlds and got it spicy and not gonna lie, it was a lot of food, but I finished every last bit!  I kept thinking I should take some home, but couldnt stop, it was too delicious!  And I am not a big veggie guy whatsoever, but their pickled radish is so sweet it almost tastes like a fruit and I was able to force some veggies in my life!   I definitely need to find my way back and try the chicken strips as well as their various other bowls/plates!  Go check it out!

Lawddddd bonchon with @dj_squintz

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