Big Mic's SPICY Food Review: Popeyes, Panda Express & Wendy's

August 16, 2019

Well guys...its safe to say that its been one HOT week, and I don't know if the soaring temperatures have made my taste buds crave a lil extra spice or what, but this week I had quite a bit of spicy chicken experiences. I'm not sure who one day said to themselves "You know what, fried chicken is good, but lets make it spicy" but whoever it was, GOD BLESS THEM!  But lets take a trip down memory lane this week!

Tuesday - Panda Express's New Sichuan Hot Chicken

Really, it all started with Wendy's having the triumphant return of their Spicy Chicken nuggets (big thanks to Chance the Rapper) which made me head over to Wendys only to find out.....THEY WERE SOLD OUT!  And, true, I could have just ordered a spicy chicken sandwich, but...I'm I disappointedly drove off but still was craving some spicy chicken goodness.  Then I remembered that Panda Express just debuted their new Sichuan Hot Chicken so off to Panda Express I went!  

So @wendys Spicy chicken nuggets were sold out so I tried @officialpandaexpress new hot sichuan chicken! My instant review is in my IGTV!

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GOOOOOOOOOD LAWWWWWWD!  From the very first bite, that spicy Sichuan peppercorn sauce and their "secret spice blend" had my tongue all kinds of happy.  Served more as a chicken strip than their other diced down chicken options, these strips had the perfect crunch to juiciness ratio, and an awesome spice to them which wont be leaving anyone sweating, but the flavor is so distinct, I think it will be bringing people back for more!  Here'ss crossing my fingers that its not a temporary option like Wendy's Spicy nuggets, and that its here to stay!  To enjoy my reaction after the first bite, enjoy this video lol:

So @wendys Spicy chicken nuggets were sold out so I tried @officialpandaexpress new hot sichuan chicken

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Wednesday - Wendy's Spicy Chicken Nuggets

Which brings us back to Wendy's...I wanted nuggets, and I was getting I returned and BOOM I got my Spicy Chicken Nuggets.  Now to be honest, I really miss the golden days when Wendy's had the 5 piece Nuggets for $0.99!  Those were glorious days I will always miss, but the 4 piece would have to do.  Given I've had these in the past so much, this wont be so much a review, but I will say, I'm convinced the spicy nuggets are much thinner than their regular counterparts, and as you can see in the picture, you can barely see them in their very small box, so if you're hungry, you probably want to go for the 6 piece option.  

Thank you @chancetherapper... Spicy chicken nuggets!

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Friday - Popeyes Spicy Chicken Sandwich

And I mean, why not end the week on a spicy chicken high note?  I've been hearing about something new and awesome in the world of chicken this week...and that's from one of the kings of chicken POPEYES!  And I'm talking about their new chicken sandwiches!  Long being my go to destination for spicy chicken strips and cajun fries (oh, definitely try their jambalaya too!)  The Spicy Chicken Sandwich has been becoming a main player at fast food restaurants, whether its the budget friendly Hot N Spicy at Mcdonald's, or Wendy's Spicy Chicken sandwich which Ive been loving for years, and Chick-fil-A which added one several years back with their close to perfect sandwich!   I am proud to say that Popeyes has instantly jumped to a main contender as their sandwich packed all the flavor, crunch and deliciousness you could hope for!  I usually am not a fan of super saucy sandwiches and was worried at first seeing the cajun sauce slathered all over the sandwich, but it actually blended perfectly with the spicy chicken Sandwich, and it didn't last 2 minutes haha!  

Wow man... What a week of spicy chicken... First Wendy's spicy Nuggets are back.... I tried Pandas sichuan chicken... And now @popeyeslouisianakitchen got a damn spicy chicken sandwich... & guess what... It's a contender for one of the best! -- -- -- -- -- #chicken #spicy #popeyes #sandwich

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They call me Big Mic for a reason....I'm a big dude...and true, I should probably move on from the deep fried sandwiches and more towards grilled options..... but until the day comes when they start making a SPICY grilled chicken option....thats probably not going to happen!