Big Mic went meat-free for a week, here's how he felt a week later.

July 28, 2020

Well I made it!  1 whole week with no meat, and for this carnivore, that was a big deal!  Check out the video above for what my experience was like, and see below for both my last #MeatlessMic dinner, and my first meal I had to go to for grubbing today!  

1st Meal after #MeatlessMic waaaaaas...

#MeatlessMic is a wrappppp! How did it go? Will I be meatless from now on?

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My last #MeatlessMic dinner last night

Been an interesting week of #MeatlessMic and we are down to the final day and the final dinner! #MeatlessMic #nomeat #meatballs #pasta #gardein #vegan #vegetarian

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