Big Mic jumps in the train at Old Spaghetti Factory

September 21, 2018

So out in Denver, Colorado we had an Old Spaghetti Factory...Im not gonna lie and act like I went there all the time, but definitely have fond memories of enjoying a good cup of spumoni growing up and it seems that they just recently closed the one in Denver which caused a lot of my friends to post pictures on social media of their "very last trip" to Old Spaghetti Factory and for some reason it really really made me hungry for Old Spaghetti Factory (and honestly I just wanted to brag about how I could still go to Old Spaghetti Factory and they could not)  

So I made my way there with some friends and first things first, the most magnificent thing that can happen at Old Spaghetti Factory happened...they asked if i wanted to sit in the trolly....umm HELL YES I WANT TO SIT IN THE TROLLY!  So took my seat enjoying the view in the I totally spaced that they serve some pretty awesome bread and butter so I ordered their cheesy garlic bread....needless to say I ended up eating a whole bunch of bread because, well, it was there.  And then I ordered the meat sampler which comes with meatballs and italian sausage...and, because Im immature as hell, made it a smiley face (although, lets be clear, i could have done even more immature things than that lol)  And honestly, the pasta was pretty damn bomb....and considering its a 3 course meal that starts with some soup or salad (I got the minestrone soup), the pasta, and then wraps it up with the heavenly cup of spumoni...quite frankly I think its a helluva deal lol  So sorry to my Denver fam, but I can still go to Old Spaghetti Factory whenever i want, and trust me, I shall be back!

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My -- is happy to see me.

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