Big Mic: Sooooo I got my first pedicure

September 10, 2019

Soooooo I did something I have never done before...and that was get my first pedicure.  Now, it has nothing to do with me being a man and feeling like "OH IM A MANLY MAN AND PEDICURES ARE NOT A MANLY THING TO DO" No, not at all....I just really couldnt see myself being comfortable with someone all up in my feet.  Im a big dude and go on hikes and just really didnt want people all up on my feet.  But pretty consistently I keep hearing people mention how awesome they were and its very soothing so I sucked it up and made it over to a spa nearby my crib and said screw it, Im getting a pedicure!

And obviously, if I'm going to get my first pedicure, I had to make it the best one and got the "Jelly Pedicure" which included a pedicure, an exfoliation scrub, a callus treatment, a cool mask treatment, a hot stone massage, and a good soaking in a gelatinous mixture that looked like a 7-11 slurpee but hot instead of cold.  

And.....damn it, it was pretty awesome haha.  There was definitely times where I was fighting hard not to start laughing because it was ticklish at times, however the massage parts amazing and soaking my feet in the "jelly" was a strangely relaxing experience.   I will say when I walked in and saw nothing but ladies sitting getting work done and the lady without moving yelled "how can I help you" I felt like running away but glad I stuck around.  

If you're a guy, and feel like you shouldnt be getting a pedicure, than you need to get that out of your mind and go try one out.  See some of my fun below!  

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