Big Mic Food Review: Chicken N Waffles

October 8, 2018

Ohhhhhh chicken and waffles...waffles and chicken....I dont know who was the first person who said lets pair the breakfast deliciousness of a waffle, with the dinner awesomeness of fried chicken, but somehow the two have been paired together and while there are obviously some chicken and waffle mainstays people adore (looking at you Roscoes) I was pleasantly surprised to find a spot near me in Natomas with about as direct of a name as you could pick....and thats "Chicken N Waffles"  and dammmmn Im so happy I found it haha.

As you can see below, I have made my way to Chicken N Waffles on several occasions, and pretty much every time its been late at night/early in the morning as Ive been leaving the club or bar, because what sounds better after some good beverages than some Chicken N Waffles and fortunately on the weekend this place is open late!   First thing first, the most important part of the meal is the chicken, and damn they do the chicken right!  Hot & cripsy on the outside, nice and juicy chicken in side... the flavor is awesome!  And then whether you go the waffle route or just decide to get sides like fries or mac n cheese you cant go wrong!  The waffles were massive and paired well with the chicken.   And the fries and mac n cheese i had were all solid!  ANd make sure you get a side of the gravy because you need that for the chicken, the fries, for EVERYTHING.  Plus one of the nights I went in they were listening to 102.5 so I know they got good music tastes!  

I may lose a lot of friends by saying this...and quite frankly I dont care....I think I almost loved this spot more than I liked Roscoes... yep...I said with it !  You got a spot I should go try?  Shoot me a message @BigMicRadio 

Awwwww damn

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Bruh... The place is called Chicken n Waffles! And they got -------- chicken n Waffles

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Yes! Place is open late and they were bumping @1025ksfm! Chicken n Waffles for the win!

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