Big Mic heads to Broderick Roadhouse to burger it up

October 29, 2018

Burger...just the mere mention of the word burger brings joy to people like me (aka hungry motha funkas) and finding a place that makes great burgers is always an exciting time, as its not hard to find place that have good burgers, but GREAT burgers is not as easy.   

I was slightly ashamed going into Broderick Roadhouse because I'm going to Miami in a few weeks and promised myself I was going to try and go to the gym every night and be healthy, and instead I really wanted a burger, and I brought my co worker who also was about to head to the gym, but Im a bad influence, and you know what, I DONT EVEN CARE BECAUSE THE BURGER WAS GREAT! 

I honestly think that if you go to a restaurant, a burger should at MINIMUM be a half pound and thats exactly what you get here with the Johnny Cash burger that I ordered (it was the only burger with a black highlight box around it so I assumed it must be one of the better ones.)  I ordered it with the fries and a side of chili because the waitress "warned" me that the chili is on the sweet side and sometimes people get caught off gaurd and she was very much correct that it was much sweeter than I typically experience with chili, but still had a pretty good flavor.   But my friend ordered their fries covered with gravy and yeahhhhh that was fire!  

The burgers are big, they are juicy, they are exactly what you want for a burger.  The bacon was crispy, and the fried onion crisps gave a nice additional flavor on top of the bbq sauce.   In addition to their regular CA-Certified Choice Angus beef they offer a range of options like Ground bison, ground wild boar, ground duck and more and Im definitely interested in trying them all!    Def worth taking the night off the waistline may not agree, but yeah.    

If you have a spot in Sacramento that I need to try out, hit me up on Instagram or Twitter @Bigmicradio

Me and @spenserbabyy Should have went to the gym and got Miami ready but.. Ummm... I'm a bad influence to my coworkers lol lol

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