Big Mic finds out if Dad's Kitchen is as good as mom's

September 6, 2018

So woke up the other morning and was really craving a burger but wanted to try something I had never had before so hit up the good ol Google Maps and looked for a place with hella stars and this spot called Dad's Kitchen popped up with a bunch of them (4.5 stars out of 5 with over 500 reviews)  so decided to head over and check the spot out.  There were no tables available in side (guess that was a good sign) so headed out to the patio which was fortunately nice and cool and took a look at the menu to see what was happening on the burgers side and instantly saw the Cowboy burger and mannnnn was I happy I did.  The fries were crazzzzzy good...and then their brioche bun was so on point....just soaked up all the juices from the burger keeping all that flavor without making the bun all soggy and wasnt mad at the crispy onions on top.  


So I dont know whose Dad runs Dad's kitchen, but damn it they make one good burger!  Go check it out!  If you got a spot you think I need to hit up...shoot me a message on Insagram or Twitter @Bigmicradio!  

Cowboy burger! The fries were awesome! Loved the bun on this burger too! On point!

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