REVIEW: Big Mic devours the entire ocean at Station 16

January 23, 2020
Station 16 Crab & Mussels

So I have to admit, I've been to Station 16 several times in the past but mostly went for drinks and maybe the occasional appetizer.  But for my last trip, I did what I think you have to do at a spot like Station 16 and order SEAFOOD!  And by seafood, I mean ALL the seafood!  Ordered the Small Mix Seafood Skillet which came with Dungeness Crab and Prawns in the Roasted Garlic Butter as well as The Steamer which were some amazing mussels in a Cajun Garlic Broth and then some scallops and the garlic noodles on the side.  

OMG the flavor in the seasoning on the skillet and the broth in the mussels was so on point.  The shrimp were shell on but butterflied on the back so easy to rip the shell off, and breaking up the crab for that meaty awesomeness was a joy.  Never was a big mussels guy, but the cajun garlic broth was so good, but it sits at the bottom of the bowl, so make sure to do a nice good stir to soak them up, and when you're finished, don't forget to search the broth for some straggler mussels floating around soaked up!  The garlice noodles and house potatoes were on point as welll! 

Definitely heading back to Station 16 sooner than later and definitely try one of those Iron Seafood Skillets!  

OMG..... Wasn't planning on the destruction I just caused... But couldn't help it... Good time catching up with the bro @motti_s. Ate all of the Little mermaids friends

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