You can Pay More to Talk Less during your Uber Ride

Uber Launches 'Comfort Rides'

July 9, 2019

Uber just made it that much easier to nap during your next ride. 

The ride service company took users' suggestions into account with its latest feature comfort rides

Apparently too many drivers were annoying riders with mindless conversations, and I'm not gonna lie I've been there myself! 

According to CNN, Uber says the new feature will allow users to select a more quiet ride to catch up on emails...or sleep! 

However, this peace comes at a cost. Riders who prefer silence will have to pay an extra fee.

KCRA reports that Comfort rides will also come with an option to select more leg room in cars that are less than five years old. 

TSR STAFF: Brianne D! @beedev_ ______________________________________ #Roommates, y'all are talking and #Uber is surely listening! Not only has Uber created an option for quiet cars, but the company has now made an entire amenity feature to make your ride as smooth as possible. ______________________________________ According to @verge, Uber Comfort is now available in select markets in North America. The service allows passengers to request extra legroom, quiet cars, and other amenities that are typically only offered for Uber Black car riders. ______________________________________ Uber Comfort is available an an additional option to Uber X, Uber Pool, Uber Black, and Uber XL. For just a few dollars more, riders can now determine exactly how they want to ride. ______________________________________ The service features requests for newer cars, more—read more at! (--: @gettyimages)

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This is just one of the many advances the company is launching.

There's been word that Uber wants to roll out its own fleet of electric flying cars! 

For now let's just sit back and relax while we cross our fingers that Uber comes out with a service that delivers food via drones! 

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