Who Drank All the White Claws?! Company Announces Shortage

Are we gonna have to start putting in bids on eBay for our favorite spiked seltzer?!

September 6, 2019

You may want to run to the store right now if you're planning on drinking some White Claws over the weekend! 

According to CNN the company announced an official shortage. There's no word on when the spiked sparkling water will return to its normal stock! 

The story sounds all too familiar, *ahem* remember the chicken sandwich shortage from Popeyes?! Hopefully we don't see any White Claws for sale on eBay over the weekend haha. Although I'm not gonna lie I'd be tempted to put in a bid for a Grapefruit White Claw lol! 

Apparently we did need some laws with the White Claws...because this was not the news I wanted to hear heading into the weekend :'(

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