Uhh White Claws just Inspired this Halloween Costume...

I'm suddenly craving a White Claw

September 27, 2019

White Claws were all the rave this summer and it looks like there's no stopping them this fall, especially with this White Claw inspired Halloween costume. 

The retailer Yandy, is selling the costume for a little over 50 dollars! They renamed the logo to 'Outlaw' instead of 'White Claw' most likely to avoid any sort of copyright infringement.

This costume may not be your cup of tea but it's definitley getting the internet talking about one of the nation's favorite drinks ... AGAIN! 

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Lol remember that one time there was a White Claw Shortage! Not a good time... 

Who Drank All the White Claws?! Company Announces Shortage 

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