Tyga Sending Fans who are "Bettering Our World" on All Paid Vacations

Tyga will reportedly choose ten people to go on vacation

June 19, 2020

Rachel Murray/Getty Images Entertainment

Tyga's latest single will have you reminiscing on the days when you could travel without having to worry about coming down with the Rona!

He's been getting fans ready for his latest single by asking them all week where they'd like to vacation. 

Tyga is also running a contest to treat fans to an all paid vacation.

He's calling for people who have worked to "better our world" in the past couple of months by either working on the frontlines during the pandemic or by standing up for equality. 

I’m giving away paid vacations------ Text me Where you wanna go☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️@ 323 402 5545 You Deseve it!!!!!!

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According to Complex ten winners will be selected, there's no word on when exactly fans will be going on the all paid vacation. 

Watch Tyga's music video for his latest single 'Vacation' below! 

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