Tinder Ranked as the 'Most-Used' Dating App during COVID-19

What better time to swipe than when you're chillin at home?

April 2, 2020

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Forbes recently shared an article that found Tinder was the most used dating app during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Although everyone is doing their part to practice social distancing, that hasn't stopped people from seeking a romantic connection. Which is why I find it a little ironic that Tinder is the most used app. Tinder has the stigma of being a 'hookup app' while other alternatives like Bumble and Hinge are allegedly used by people looking for more serious relationships. 

Who does that? (Via @danlamorte)

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With this being said, if you're on Tinder do NOT hookup or schedule an in person date with the person you've matched with. 

Right now is not the time to be going over to other people's homes. There aren't even many places open, the most you could do with a new date is take a walk outside. 

The best option would be to get to know your potential partner ONLINE, via Zoom, facetime or make it real old school and call the person. Seriously, stay at home. 

The study was apparently conducted earlier in the year, before the outbreak had become a national emergency in the U.S. You can read the entire article HERE

Stay safe Sacramento and stay at home if you can! 

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