Sonic the Hedgehog gets Much Needed Makeover

The Before and After pics will have you SHOOK

November 12, 2019

Fans are applauding Sonic the Hedgehog's new and improved look! The Paramount animated film was set to air November of this year, but the movie's creators pushed back the release after receiving backlash from the original trailer. 

ICYMI people were extremely creeped out by Sonic's first CGI transformation. Fans called out his disproportionate body and his human like teeth. You can watch the original trailer for yourself below.

The film's creative artists can now breathe more easily, because the Twittersphere seems to approve of Sonic's upgraded look and the slew of memes are already rolling out praising the new design! 

The "New Official Trailer" for Sonic the Hedgehog is already trending on YouTube with almost 4 million views. The movie will hit theaters starting February 14, 2020

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