Someone Paid How Much for "Holy Grass" from Kanye's Sunday Service?!

From Outrageous Merch Prices to this!

April 26, 2019

The internet is furious over this particular online transaction. 

Just as Kanye West had the audacity to sell "Church Clothes" for hundreds of dollars, a fan figured they'd capitalize from West's Sunday Service as well. 

A bag of "holy grass" that was supposedly picked during Ye's Coachella performance sold for nearly a hundred dollars!

The bidding started at $65 plus shipping and handling. 

#Wayment! Which one of y’all is selling #KanyeWest’s Sunday service grass on eBay?! ---- #NotFor65PlusShipping

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The description read the grass was "Blessed on Easter Sunday by the god himself, KANYE WEST!”

Whether or not you support this fan's entrepreneurial spirit it's undeniable that West's Sunday Service is blowing up. 

According to People Magazine the "Jesus Walks" rapper is in talks of starting a church of his own. 

Pastor Kanye West? How does that sound?