Lime Electric Scooters Launching in Sacramento

They may be cheaper than Uber Electric Scooters!

July 31, 2019

Sacramento is welcoming a new fleet of electric scooters! 

The Sacramento Bee shared that 250 Lime scooters were delivered around the city.

Nearly twenty percent of those scooters will be placed in south and southeast Sacramento making the riding option available to more people! 

Unfortunately the scooters were not placed on Sacramento State property...Stingers down : (

Imagine a new future with Lime. #UnlockLife

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Lime is also offering scooters at half price for any riders that receive some sort of government assistance! 

KCRA reports that Lime scooters cost a dollar to unlock and cost 20 cents per minute while Uber scooters are free to unlock and cost 25 cents a minute. 

After crunching the numbers it turns out that riding a Lime scooter costs $13 dollars an hour while Uber scooters cost $15. 

Although this is good news for riders that love switching up their means of travel some residents in Sacramento have expressed their concerns towards electric bikes and scooters. 

Some people are tired of seeing bikes and scooters scattered throughout the city and parked in the wrong location. 

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