Krispy Kreme Throwing Shade to Promote their Newest Doughnut!

Businesses will do anything for clout...and it's working haha

September 3, 2019

It may not come as a surprise that Krispy Kreme is rolling out pumpkin flavored doughnuts

Their glazed pumpkin spice doughnut is making a comeback and they're even rolling out a pumpkin spice filled doughnut complete with cheesecake filling!

Krispy Kreme claims that the doughnuts will only be available this week, but that may change if the flavor gets enough buzz on social media. I'm calling it right now, Krispy Kreme will roll out with a re-release of their pumpkin spice flavor later this month! 

What really caught my eye was the store's 'pumpkin spice policy.' Apparently customers can bring in any pumpkin spiced flavored food they were not satisfied with and trade it for a pumpkin spice doughnut! 

That's pretty genius! Not to mention a sneaky way to throw shade at products that failed at the whole pumpkin spice thing. 

I'm predicting that pumpkin spice spam will be eligible for the trade, because yes that's a thing this fall! 


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