ICYMI: The Plan to Storm Area 51 is the Best Thing to happen to the Internet

I mean have you seen the memes?!

July 16, 2019

You're probably sitting at work scrolling through the last minute Amazon Prime deals that are still up for grabs.

If you aren't finding what you need there, you'll surely be satisfied with the internet's latest craze. 

Social media is being flooded with memes all referencing this Facebook page that is proposing to raid Area 51 in search of ALIENS! 

Over a million people are "planning on going" while another million are "interested" in attending the event that is scheduled for Sept. 20 this year. 

Although the page may hay been made as a joke, the U.S. Air Force is taking full discretion and is warning people not to storm the area. 

But here's the best part... the slew of memes that are circulating the internet. I've compiled some of my favorites here for your viewing pleasure, you're welcome. 

If Stranger Things taught us anything, it’s that breaking into a highly protected government building to find some aliens is only going to fuck up your life. Link in bio for WTF is area 51 and why people are trying to go there. @natcpod

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