Gov. Gavin Newsom Clarifies What Outdoor Activities are Permitted

Newsom says people can hike, cycle and participate in other activities as long as they don't linger

April 30, 2020
State Park California Beach

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Gov. Gavin Newsom took time to address what outdoor activities are permitted with the stay at home order in place. 

"We want you to enjoy outdoor activities, we just don't want you to linger," said Newsom in his latest press conference. 

We're currently in the first stage of reopening the state, but there are still outdoor activities that people can participate in. 

Newsom took time to clarify what activities are permitted after large crowds were drawn to Southern California beaches last weekend. Activities including hiking, skateboarding, cycling and many more are still permitted. 

You can get the full list of activities that are allowed here: 

Although hiking is appears on the list some State Parks, campgrounds and museums will remain closed. Get the full list of closures here:

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