Cardi B Giving Out a Free Therapy Session?

Female Rapper Gives Teens Life Advice

March 15, 2019

Cardi B took to Twitter to share how bomb her teenage years were saying "I had maaa fun in school, I used to go to hookie parties, teen bashes, and shop in soho for hours."

The "Please Me" rapper brought this up because she thinks teenagers are spending too much time on the internet nowadays. 

One of her followers replied to the tweet saying "Some of us have depression Cardi" which led the rapper to share some ideas on how to lift your spirits. 

Cardi suggested spending time with close friends, limiting social media usage, and googling "How to become a millionaire." 

She even suggests you dance it out! Cardi's got a point some upbeat music can do wonders for your mood! 

Shoutout to #CounselorCardi for the life tips!