Cardi B Surprises Loyal Fan

Cardi trades Lifelong Tattoo for Lifetime Tickets!

June 7, 2019

A loyal fan is definitley coming out on top for reppin Team Bardi!

Cardi B surprised a fan who inked her "Press" graphic on his forearm. 

Not only did she repost the fresh ink, she aslo commented that she was giving this die hard fan lifelong tickets along with her friendship! 

:’)The love is real❤️❤️....You get free cardi tickets forever and a supporting friend ❤️Love my fans! Ya really give me strength.

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This doesn't mean you should go tattoo your arm if you're a Cardi B fan, this giveaway may have been a one time thing! 

However Cardi is reposting her fan's videos to help promote her new single Press. Does this mean a new dance challenge is on the way? 

Here are some of my favorite videos so far! Good luck getting that Cardi repost! 

Mood on you stank bitches ..Press !

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FIRE -- like always #press #press

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