Cardi B Reacts to Shakira Performing 'I Like It' during Half Time

February 3, 2020
Cardi B

Rich Fury/Getty Images


ICYMI Shakira and JLo took over the halftime show at last night's Super Bowl, and they brought out some surprise guests! 

Not gonna lie, I thought we were in for a Cardi B cameo once I heard the beat drop for 'I Like It.' Instead we got a tin man looking Bad Bunny who joined Shakira with his single 'Callaíta.'

At that moment I couldn't help but wonder, "Hmmm what does Cardi B think of all of this?" Thanks to the power of the internet we got our answer via Instagram Live. 

Cardi B revealed she was in on the performance and shared her admiration for both Shakira and JLo, "Just seeing them in person performing, that sh*t is beyond like a blessing." 

Check out her entire reaction below. 

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