Can Pets Catch COVID-19?

The latest on what health experts are saying

April 7, 2020

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A tiger at the Bronx Zoo recently tested positive COVID-19, and now pet owners are wondering if their cat or dog is susceptible to catching it as well. 

The Sacramento Bee recently shared an article that reveals it is possible for your pet to come down with the Coronavirus. 

There have been reported cases of dogs testing positive abroad. However, the U.S. hasn't reported any domestic animals coming down with the virus. 

There haven't been any studies that show pets infecting human beings. As of now, pet owners have been the ones exposing their pets to COVID-19.

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Since there are limited studies on the Coronavirus experts aren't sure of the effects it has on household pets. The CDC is recommending that if someone starts to feel symptoms they isolate from their pets by avoiding cuddling, sharing food and being in the same room. 

They also shared that owners can still take their four legged friends on walks as long as they are following safety precautions such as wearing a mask and keeping their social distance of at least six feet. 

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