Bianca V Shares How to Make the Internet's Favorite Coffee!

Quarantine with Bianca V!

April 29, 2020
Bianca V's Breakdown: Lifestyle/Society/Cultural

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The internet is busier and more crowded than ever while people look for different ways to pass the time. 

You may have come across several trends that have surfaced while the majority of the country stays at home. Videos of DIY haircuts, families doing TikTok dances and banana bread recipes are being shared across the web as we speak. 

Another viral sensation is the Korean whipped beverage, Dalgona coffee

The drink has been recreated countless times on TikTok, and Bianca V had to cave in and give it a go for herself! 

It's fairly easy to make and only calls for four ingredients: instant coffee, milk, hot water and sugar. 

Watch the video below and Bianca V's review on one of the internet's favorite drinks! 

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