Alicia Keys Surprises Fans as an Undercover Lyft Driver

These reactions are everything!

February 7, 2020
Alicia Keys

Kevin Winter/Getty Entertainment


I'm truly starting to believe Alicia Keys can do no wrong, of course we're all human but still this woman is basically a walking goddess. 

Seriously who looks this good while undercover...with no makeup on! Not to mention Alicia seems like she has a heart of gold, forrreal. 

Watch the priceless reactions of unsuspecting fans as they realize their Lyft driver is actually Alicia Keys! 

The Grammy Award winning singer dropped hints throughout the rides including verses from her famous songs. The best part was when she shared she was going to spend time with her "Grammys" for the holidays! It was a dead giveaway for the passenger haha. 

This video is definitely holding us over while we wait for Alicia's seventh studio album. The self-titled album 'ALICIA' is to be released on March 20th and her upcoming tour is set to start June 5th! 

Big things ahead for the R&B songstress! 

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