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Keanu Reeves is back for John Wick: Chapter 3!

The way for Keanu Reeves to return to his role as John Wick is almost over as the trailer for his new film that drops May 17th was just released. Check out all the action from the movie that includes Laurence Fishburne (basically a Matrix sequel lol), Halle Berry and more! Video of John Wick:... Read More

Barak Obama had Some Things to Say about our Favorite Power Couple

If there was ever a debate as to whether Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez were our ultimate #relationship goals, it was just settled. Former President Barack Obama sent a personal handwritten note to the newly engaged couple. This means the world to us. #44 A post shared by Alex Rodriguez (@arod)... Read More

Turkey in ELK GROVE crashes into Apartment #TrueStory

This is the 2nd Turkey that crashed into an Elk Grove Apartment this year. Crazy! The turkey ended up on the residents bed and chilled out for a second until animal control came to get it. Full story below. Turkey Crashes Through Window into Elk Grove Apartment pic.twitter... Read More

SERVED FRESH!: Leikeli47 - "No Reload" (Video)

Showing no remorse for the male-dominated Hip Hop genre, rising star Leikeli47 continues her internet takeover with "No Reload" . The masked rapper's album Acrylic has been out since April, and the buzz hasn't stopped climbing since. Leikeli47's Acrylic Tour hits Sacramento on April 15th, and you... Read More

John Legend is scared of swimming, he's trying to fix that

So apparently John Legend can perform in front of thousands of people without a fear in the world... but jumping in the deep end of the swimming pool? Not so much! A few months back John Legend broke the news that he had begun taking swimming lessons for the first time since he was a kid because he... Read More

Logic Teases New Music

Logic hopped on Twitter to lay it all out on his latest unnamed track. I wrote this one in Blood — Bobby Billboard (@Logic301) March 19, 2019 The "Everybody" rapper addressed the struggles of comparison culture brought on by social media. He even admitted he struggled... Read More
Cardi B Trademarks "Okurrr"

What Can We Expect Now That Cardi B Has Trademarked "Okurrr"?

According to Page Six , we could soon be wearing "Okurrr" underwear. Cardi B has filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office to trademark “Okurrr”, the Invasion Of Privacy star's catchphrase. According to records obtained, the plan is to put the phrase on clothing like “T-shirts,... Read More