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Sacramento now has its first confirmed case of coronavirus

As the death toll continues to rise for the coronavirus outbreak, Sacramento now has its first official confirmed case. Fortunately the person who caught it while in China immediately self-quarantined when they returned and after developing symptoms, got tested with the CDC and was diagnosed. The... Read More
cool dad

Daughter Creates Unofficial "Cool Parent" Guide

A daughter's gift to her father is trending on the internet right now, and I'm convinced it's because it's truly GENIUS! Jon Acuff posted the guide titled 'New Years, New Memes' on his Instragram this week and people are here for it. It even includes a table of contents with sections including "... Read More

Selena Quintanilla-Pérez Tribute Concert Announced

The show, “Selena XXV-Veinticinco Años, ” is set for May 9th at the Alamodome in San Antonio, featuring such artists as Pitbull, former Fifth Harmony singer Ally Brooke, Becky G, and more. “We are excited to bring this ultimate fan experience to honor and celebrate my sister, Selena,” Suzette... Read More
Bianca V's Breakdown: Lifestyle/Society/Cultural

What Our Listeners Love about their Pets!

This one goes out to everyone who does not care about having a little dog or cat hair around their home! We opened up the phone lines to celebrate National Love Your Pet Day and listeners shared their favorite pet stories! Seriously our furry companions are basically family and they deserve to be... Read More

Supreme Oreo Cookies On Sale for Thousands Online

Resale is the name of the game these days...even when it comes to cookies. Apparently Supreme and Oreo teamed up to bring us limited edition red colored Oreos, and resale price is hypebeast approved. The cookies have been spotted on eBay with a price tag of over 2,000 dollars. A post shared by The... Read More
Blueface and DaBaby

Blueface and DaBaby Tease "Obama" Music Video

Not gonna lie, I had to do a double take while scrolling insta yesterday. I really thought Blueface was hanging out with former president Obama. Turns out he hired a look-alike for his upcoming music video featuring DaBaby. The two shared some behind the scenes fun on social media, including snaps... Read More


North West is 7 years-old and was lip-synching to her own song. Lyrics included “And I'm friends with Jojo(Siwa) // And I'm friends with Bowbow// And I'm friends with MoMo// Not on YouTube!” ‘Ye was there to support North. He even helped her with lyrics. Soo cute. Video of Kanye West Daughter North... Read More
YG & Kehlani

Kehlani & YG split, Kehlani drops record addressing infidelity

How much a weekend can change relationships lol. Valentines Day YG & Kehlani dropped a record "Koncusions" that had everybody talking about the new couple... by the end of the weekend, Kehlani was now single, and released a song "Valentines Day (Shameful)" letting the world she is now single,... Read More
Kim and Kanye

Watch Kanye Shy Away from Kim's PDA

Here's a moment Kim and Kanye may not have wanted us to keep up with. The two were spotted courtside at the NBA All Star game over the weekend, and now their kiss cam video is trending. You can see Kim getting ready to go in for the smooch and Kanye leaves her high and dry. lmao now why he ain’t... Read More


It was so nice to have met Constance Carter who holds many inspiring titltes CEO | INVESTOR | SPEAKER | WEALTH GURU | TRANSFORMATIONAL COACH BEST SELLING AUTHOR Constance Carter is a wealth activator, real estate maven and founder of Catalyst Real Estate Professionals, the largest African American... Read More