Nicki Minaj Out of Retirement...That was FAST!

Nicki Minaj keeping us on our toes with a surprise feature!

September 26, 2019

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment


Earlier this month Nicki Minaj shocked fans with an abrupt tweet announcing her retirement. 

Fans immediatley started replying to the female rapper begging for some sort of explanation. 

Well it seems like there may be a silver lining of hope for devestated fans. Barbie Balla just hoped on PnB Rock's latest track, Fendi

Listen to the queen lay down those bars like she did when she was back in her prime...say three months ago haha. 

Turns out Nicki Minaj may have been trolling us all along. You know how it goes. In the words of her nemesis Cardi B, "They do anything for clout." 

Regardless we'll be tuning into Queen radio for the latest update regarding Nicki's rap career.

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