Priince Harry: From House Parties to Touring with Vince Staples

Follow local DJ Priince Harry as he graduates from Sac State Frat Parties to Nationwide Tours

February 12, 2019
Denzel Harry also known as "Priince Harry" mixing in Sacramento

(Photos by Drew Nichols @papa_nichols and Anthony Moua @gimme_moua_photos)


Denzel Harry is well-known for moshing to the beats of some of today’s biggest hip-hop headliners, and he’s now channeling that same energy while delivering sets of his own.

Harry, who is best known as of “Priince Harry,” just returned to Sacramento after being offered a slot on Vince Staples’ “Smile, You’re on Camera” tour.


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Alexx Figs, a creative director and a longtime friend of Harry’s helped pitch the up-and-coming DJ to one of Staples’ openers, Trill Sammy.

“I just focus on what my friends are doing,” Figs said,“If I can put them in the position to win, I’m gonna do that.”

It wasn’t long until Sammy’s team asked Harry to pack his bags and join them on tour in Arizona and New Mexico.

Harry’s been in the music scene for a while, mixing at Sac State house parties and recently scoring a residency at Barwest. He admitted taking on larger venues during the tour was a bit nerve-racking, but he was up for the challenge.

“All the concerts I’ve been to have prepared me for this experience,” said Priince Harry. “Even though it was a big leap for me, it was the perfect leap.”

He explained how he drew inspiration from some of his favorite DJs including Metro Boomin and Virgil Abloh.

“You have to be super confident in everything you do,”Harry said. “I love seeing artists that are super energetic. The way they act on stage gets people to act similarly in the crowd.”

(Priince Harry pictured with Metro Boomin below) 

HOF Day is the best time of the year #TBT

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Harry said the nerves settled down and the energy kicked in right as the first show began.

“As soon as I got on stage, I played my first DJ drop and the kids started yelling and I was like okay this is gonna be fun,” Harry said.

Although he’s settling back into the rhythm of student life and his regularly scheduled DJ gigs, Harry says he still plans on tapping into that same adrenaline he found while on tour.

“I’ve come back with more confidence because it’s more than I’ve ever done,” Harry said.

You can catch Priince Harry live in the mix every first Saturday at Barwest and every second Saturday at Momo. You can also follow him on Instagram and SoundCloud @priinceharry