Picture Of Miniature Horse In Car Goes Viral [WATCH]Lauren Mesaros was thinking fast as she escaped the fire.
Country Kendrick Lamar Video Goes Viral [Video]A comedian on YouTube has put out a video called "Country Kendrick," where he sings Kendrick Lamar's hits as country songs
WATCH: Viral Video Shows Former Taco Bell Employee, Manager Throwing Tea Dispensers In Wild ConfrontationWarning: the videos contain strong language and a perfect example of how to waste perfectly good iced tea.
This Woman Was Walking In Traffic On A Freeway On Her Phone [VIDEO]A video is going viral of a young woman walking down the middle of a busy freeway while she's talking on her cellphone. See the video...
Dad Publicly Embarrasses Son For Messing Up At School [PICS]In all fairness, the son knew that THIS could be a possibility if he messed up at school again. And, he did - so his dad kept his word. And people are loving his dad for it....
Guy Bets He Can Bench Press A Lot Of Weight, Then THIS Happened... [VIDEO]This guy bet his buddies that he could bench press a lot of weight but when he tried - THIS happened, (and we can't stop laughing). 😂
Kidnapped Woman Escapes Trunk Of Moving Car [CRAZY VIDEO]We hope this woman is doing okay after her brave escape!
Woman Caught Twerking On Car....... Driving Down The Highway! [VIDEO]Twerking has been popular for awhile now, but this girl took things to a whole new level!
Jeopardy Contestant Flipped Alex Trebek The Bird On Live TV [VIDEO]Jeopardy has been getting a lot of attention this week.
This Amazing Subway Performer Shocked Everyone [VIDEO]I wonder how much money she got in her bucket after this performance.
DeMarcus Cousins Stars In Full House Spoof [VIDEO]Boogie fits right in with the Tanner family, I mean look at that smile!
Mom Shuts Down Living Room Until Thanksgiving [PIC]Mom closes down the living room until Thanksgiving and the note has now gone viral.

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