Get Paid To Vacation In Cancun [pic]Sick of your job?  How about getting paid to lie on the beach and drink margaritas?
Company Offering Non-Smokers More Vacation DaysThis firm is giving its non-smoking staff 6 more vacation days per year "to make up for the time off smokers take for cigarette breaks."
Conor McGregor Is Having The Time Of His Life On Ibiza Island Despite Recent Defeat [Photos]I think it's pretty safe to say that he's over the loss.
Book A Cheap Flight Now With Southwest's SalePlan your getaway quickly, the sale is ending soon!
41% of Us Would Rather Get More Vacation Days Than a Raise?According to a new report, 41% of us would rather get more vacation days than a raise.
No One Cares About Your Vacation.Well....unless you're a burglar.
People Are More Likely to Take Risks and Be Spontaneous on Vacation.It's hard to be spontaneous in your daily life.  But that all changes on vacation.
Why Americans Don't Take All Their Paid Vacations.The average employee in America who receives paid vacation has only taken about half of those days in the past 12 months.
Floating Hotel Room Takes You To Desert Island [PIC]Would you get in this pod and float across the ocean to an island?
Kim Kardashian Managed to Fake Out The Paparazzi With A Look Alike That Looks Nothing Like Her [PICS]Paparazzi mistook this girl for Kim Kardashian. I don't know how, but they did.
Horrified Man Claims ALIEN Photobombed Him In Scary Vacation Picture [PICS]This is SUPER freaky!
Rare Pictures Of Taylor Swift In a Bikini [PIC]

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