OutKast's Big Boi Buys Puppy For Girl Paralyzed In ShootingBig Boi has a big heart.
5 Ways to Celebrate Your Dog's BirthdayToday is Tony's dog's birthday! Her name is Coconut and she is turning 8 years old today. Tony is throwing a party for his pup...did he lose his mind or is he on to something?
Justin Bieber Accused Of Giving His Dog Todd Away Without Disclosing IllnessJustin Bieber showed off pictures of his new puppy just 6 months ago on instagram. He named the puppy Todd. He eventually gave the puppy away to his back up dancer C.J. Salvador. It turns out that the puppy, Todd, has a medical condition and needs surgery. The surgery will cost $8,000.
Fan Tries To Pull Taylor Swift Off Stage and Her Reaction is Priceless [VIDEO]
Justin Bieber Adopted A Puppy On National Puppy Day
Puppy Wakes Up To Sing 'Frozen' Song, Let It Go [VIDEO]This puppy was dozing off while another song was playing but as soon as his favorite song, "Let It Go" from the movie "Frozen" came on, he woke up and started singing along!
Small Dog Trapped In Drain For A Week Gets Rescued [VIDEO]A small dog was trapped inside of a drain for over a week. Nobody could get to him because he was under heavy concrete so people were feeding him through the drain holes. Watch the amazing moment when he gets rescued...
[PIC] Paris Hilton Drops $13,000 On The Worlds Smallest Pomeranian!
The Cutest Kids With Their Pets
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Wrestles With His Puppy [VIDEO]Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson posted a video of him playing with his little baby puppy! You HAVE to see this dog!
Britney Spears’ New Baby!Britney Spears just adopted a baby girl! But it’s not the kind of baby you’re thinking.
Cutest Puppy Ever Can Whistle Like A Human!

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