Ikea Wants You To Urinate On Their Ad [pic]So this is a thing that exists now.  Ikea just started running an ad for a crib in a women's magazine in Sweden that's also a PREGNANCY TEST.
Nagging Moms Have Kids That Grow Up To Be More Successful [video]If you spent your entire childhood with your mom NAGGING you . . . you should tell her "thank you."
Mom Interrupts Service To Accuse Pastor Of Sleeping With Her Daughter [VIDEO]An angry mother recently disrupted a church service to accuse the pastor of sleeping with her daughter..... in front of the pastor's wife!
Mom Finds Two Pythons In Her Shower, Casually Sweeps Them Out [Video]...yeah, I'd probably call specialist to get them out.
Drake Goes Clubbing With His Ex's Mom [PIC]Rumors are now swirling that Drake is dating his ex's mom!
Kid's Get Their Smart's From Mom.Research has found that kids get their intelligence from their moms.
Woman In Labor Demands Injection Of Heroin And Meth, Gets ArrestedWe know labor is hard, but is heroin really the answer?!
Mom Who Live-Streamed 10-Year-Old Son Driving Due In CourtWhat was this woman thinking?!
Is It Time For You To Put Your Foot Down?We desperately try to please everyone and make sure the family is running smoothly, work is going off without a hitch.. For everyone. What about you and your life?
Check Out Fergie's Video For 'MILF Money'Fergie brings a lot of hot moms along in her new music video!
Happy Mom Goes MAD When Daughter Changes Her Song On Radio [VIDEO]We wouldn't mess with this mom!
36-Year-Old Woman Quit Her Job To Stay Home and Breastfeed Her Boyfriend [PIC]From bartending to breastfeeding...

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