Drive Dreaming...Stay Woke!A new study says that drivers spend about 70% of their time daydreaming
NYPD Arrest A Mailman On The Job After He Complained About Their Driving! [Video]"They issued him a summons in hopes of sweeping this under the rug."
Man Got Busted For Speeding And His Excuse Is One For The BooksAccording to Penn Live, he told the cops he was speeding because he was trying to get to the big game at Levi's Stadium.
Hot Girl Causes Multi-Car Pile Up! [VIDEO]Passing cars started crashing and piling up when this hot girl got out of her car and started dancing on the side of the road! See the video....
Who Has The Longest Commutes In America? Elk Grove Made The List!A list of the cities with the worst commute times in America came out and Elk Grove made the list and so did A LOT of cities in Northern California! One NorCal city has the #2 WORST commute in the country! See which one...
Hilarious! Watch Ice Cube, Kevin Hart & Conan Help A Student Driver! [Video]Putting Conan O'Brien, Ice Cube and Kevin Hart together is pure genius!
Man Gets Ticket For Texting And Driving While In The Drive-Thru Line!A man says that he waiting in the drive-thru line for his morning coffee and got a text. No sooner than he picked up his phone to check it, he got a tap on the window and ticket for "texting while driving!"
Mobile Ordering Now Available at Starbucks
Cops Give Woman Ticket For Breastfeeding While Driving!When people called 911 to report a woman driving with a child on her lap, cops quickly pulled her over and found that she was nursing her 1-year-old WHILE SHE WAS DRIVING! See what the woman claims...
Man Drives With 1-Month-Old Baby On His Steering Wheel [VIDEO]A man was taped strapping his 1-month-old son to the steering wheel of his car and driving with him on it while the mom filmed! See the shocking video and what officials have to say about it...
Lance Armstrong Hit Parked Cars, Let Girlfriend Take Blame
'Three-Boobed Woman' Arrested for DUI in Florida

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