Another Reason Why You Should Get A Dog For ChristmasYet another reason to get a dog … They are good for your heart.
Why Cheese Is Bad For Your DogA veterinarian explains why you shouldn't feed cheese to your dog.
Popular Pet CostumesAccording to a new survey, 16% of people are planning on putting their pets in Halloween costumes this year.
Kate Upton Explains Why Dogs Are Better Than People [VIDEO]It doesn't take a genius to know that four legs are way better than two, especially when it comes to dogs.
Crazy Cat Attacks Dog, Owner Runs Away [VIDEO]This video is so insane, we don't know if we should laugh or cringe
The 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds In The USDoes you favorite breed make the list?
Police Officer Shoots Dog With Taser [VIDEO]Was what this police officer did wrong, or was he justified?
Dogs Can Tell If You Are Evil!Next time your dog barks at someone, take notice.
Watch How Excited This Genius Dog Gets For Daily Walk [Video]Ziggy is a brilliant dog that gets SUPER excited for walks.
FREE Adoptions For Fixed Dogs At Front Street Animal ShelterThe recent floods caused a ton of strays to go into the Front Street Animal Shelter and they're offering FREE adoptions for fixed dogs...
Woman Takes Corgi For 'Cute' Butt Grooming...Gets A NSFW Disaster! [PICS]What would you do if this happened to your dog?
New California Law- You Can Break Into Hot Cars To Save PetsGood to know we can do the right thing if we see this happening without any repercussions.

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