Japan's Produced Chickens That Lay Disease-Fighting EggsThis will change the brunch game forever.
Alfonso Ribeiro Had A Dance Off With 5-Year-Old Disabled Girl [VIDEO] The video of them dancing is beyond adorable and you can check it out below! I think she gave Carlton a run for his money!
MTV's 'True Life: I Had My Cousin's Baby' [VIDEO]Does anyone remember when MTV's True Life used to be GOOD. Back in the day of True Life- I'm Deaf or True Life- I have OCD. Back when we actually learned about disorders, diseases and people struggling with things that actually mattered.
Diabetes Drug Metformin Could Slow Down Aging Process, Let Us Live 120+ Years!According to scientists, the diabetes drug metformin "could hold the secret of long life" and has the potential to slow down the aging process so people could start living past 120 years old! Get the story...
Charlie Sheen Admits That He's HIV Positive [VIDEO]
How Tinder Saved A Life
See The Trailer For Will Smith's New Movie "Concussion" [VIDEO]
Lamar Odom's Best Friend Didn't Die From Drug Overdose
MS Walk This Sunday
'The Simpsons' Creator Giving Away Fortune After Cancer Diagnosis
Ebola Victim Identified as 26-Year-Old Nina Pham
Nick Cannon Has Lupus Like Disease

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