Mother Finds Shocking Discovery In Her Son's Halloween Candy [Video]Let's just hope nobody was harmed by this incident.
Trick-Or-Treater Finds Blade In Halloween CandyOfficials have since cautioned parents to inspect candy closely.
Reptar Bars Are Now A Real ThingReptar Bars are a reality!
M&M's Come Out With 'Cookies & Screeem'What's black and white and delicious all over? Oreo Flavored M&M's!!!!
Is That Cocaine In Kim K's Selfie? [Pic]What do you think, is it cocaine lines or sugar as Kim suggested?
Starburst Is Releasing Bags Of Pink StarburstsI feel like these are going to fly off the shelves.
Jimmy Kimmel's Annual 'I Ate All Your Halloween Candy' Is Priceless! [Video]How many of you parents have already dug into their kids candy buckets??? Don't lie! LOL
Chance The Rapper Wrote New Jingle For Kit Kat And Starred In The New Commercial [VIDEO]Chance The Rapper should be in charge of remixing every jingle, he did a great job!
Woman Harasses Teen For Selling Candy Outside Of Store [Video]Woman tells the girl, ‘Where is your license? Have you asked permission to be here?’
Woman Wants Lifetime Supply Of Free KitKats! See Why... [PICS]A law student bit into a KitKat that didn't have a wafer cookie in it and now she's suing! She what she's claiming that the "experience" did to her and what she wants...
Northern California Family Finds Razor Blade In Trick-Or-Treat Candy [PICS]Halloween may be over, but there's still plenty of trick or treat candy laying around our houses and this NorCal family found a razor blade in their Butterfinger bar! See the pic...
Get Starbucks' Bloody 'Frappula' Drink!

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