You'll Surely Want To Feel The Buzz About The Bracelet Flask! [Video]It can hold 36 ounces of your drink of choice. 
Guy Smuggles Booze Into Music FestivalThis guy was really thinking outside the box when he tried to smuggle his booze in.
Binge Watching Just Got Boozier...Alcohol Infused Popcorn [Pic]British company Joe & Seph's has created boozy popcorn … and this stuff has actual booze in it.
Parents Let Teenager Drink Alcohol To 'Teach Him A Lesson' And He Died From Alcohol Poisoning [PICS]This is so sad. A couple is being charged with involuntary manslaughter after they tried to "teach a lesson" to their 16-year-old son by letting him drink booze and he died from alcohol poisoning! See what happened..
Wu Tang Beer Coming Soon
Women Would Rather Give Up Sex & Facebook Than Coffee
U.S. Pays $223.5 Billion A Year For Heavy Drinkers!Uh oh! It looks like when we go out and get crunk, it costs taxpayers a ton of money! All the factors: health care, lost productivity, crime and early death amount to hundreds of billions per year! See how much that breaks down to, per drink! It's crazy!

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