Ex-Employee Sues Banana Republic Because Of Her BraidsHer manager claimed her hair looked "too urban" and "unkempt."
Google Celebrates Selena Quintanilla With A Doodle [Video]Today is a special day for Selena and her fans!
Get A $13 Tattoo Today In Honor Of Friday The 13thIt's tradition!
Win A Pizza Hut Thermal Parka [VIDEO]It's made from the same material that the pizzas are put in when delivered.
Pepa From Salt-N-Pepa Shows Off Her Recent Butt Implants [Photos]Do you think it's noticeable?
Teenager Was Denied Shifts At Banana Republic Because Of Her HairThe manager told her it's "too urban and unkempt" for their image.
People Are Outraged By This Dove Racist Facebook Ad [Photo]How did Dove's marketing team let this slide?
A Lost Selena Interview Was Just Discovered On An Old TV Camera [Video]A long-lost interview of Selena has been discovered!
Nike SB Unveils First Skate Shoe Designed For WomenThe Bruin Highs will be available Oct. 5.
Too Faced Will Soon Have Glitter Eyeliner [PICS]The Glitter Pop Peel-Off Eyeliner will be available Oct. 2.
Gucci Mane Launches Clothing Line DELANTICPeter and Patty Chung, who've previously worked for labels like Supreme and Stüssy, are working as creative directors.
Clear Knee Mom Jeans Are A Thing Now, And People Are Confused [Photos]...i'll pass.

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