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Free Food On Valentine's Day

Regardless if you have a siginifacnt other to celebrate Valentine's Day with or not, take advantage of all the free and discounted food you can get today! Auntie Anne's Pretzels is offering customers heart-shaped pretzel buy-one-get-one-free offer for all My Pretzel Perks members. If you aren’t a... Read More

Cardi B Is Rumored To Be Pregnant

Cardi B has already shot down rumors that she is not pregnant, but the rumors has been brought up again and this time it's from her camp. She originally took to her IG page to deny the rumors and said, "No b*tch I'm just getting fat. Let me fat in peace." Now, TMZ is reporting once again that the... Read More

LeBron James To Produce A Remake Of The 90s Classic House Party

LeBron James will be producing a 'House Party' remake, a 90's classic! The Hollywood Reporter reports that the NBA superstar along with his SpringHill Entertainment partner, Maverick Carter will be bringing the 'House Party' franchise back to the big screen in a new way. James told The Hollywood... Read More

Your Phone Could Be Prematurely Aging Your Skin

Here's reason number 85,671 that your phone addiction is bad for you. According to a new study, the light from your phone could be making your skin AGE prematurely. The researchers found that the ultraviolet light from your screen could make your skin lose some of its color and develop age spots... Read More

This Valentines Day Card Smells Like Fried Chicken

Today is Valentine's Day. And if you still haven’t gotten your wife or girlfriend something for this all-important holiday, it's not too late to really rock her world -- because you can still swing by KFC and pick up a Valentine’s Day card … that smells like fried chicken. No joke. The restaurant... Read More

Video Games Might Take You To The Olympics

If you watch the Winter Olympics even for a little bit, you’ll see some strange stuff that may or may not even be sports. Ice dancing? Really? With that in mind, is it surprising at all that the head honchos at the International Olympic Committee are considering adding e-sports to the Olympic Games... Read More