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Cops Tase Passenger 10 Times On Flight [Video]

An American Airlines passenger was tased 10 times after getting into a struggle with police on board a scheduled flight fro Miami to Chicago Sunday. Video of RAW FOOTAGE: Guy Tased and Removed by Miami Dade Police on American Airlines Flight Police were called to the plane after passenger Jacob... Read More

The 5 Most Attractive Jobs.

A new dating survey asked 5,000 single people under the age of 30 to name the top jobs someone could have that would make them more attractive. And not surprisingly, a lot of the top careers guys want women to have are the kinds of jobs you see in PORN. The top five most attractive jobs a woman can... Read More
Cardi B / JAY-Z

WATCH: JAY-Z Shows Cardi B Some Love at Coachella

The reigning "it girl" in hip-hop continues to make us all laugh with all the crazy things she says and her over-the-top reactions to meeting her idols (like last summer when she lost it over meeting Beyoncé - not that we'd be any calmer). RELATED: Cardi B Gets Shook Meeting Beyoncé But this time... Read More

Stevante Clark in studio with Kat

Stevante Clark brother of Stephon Clark sits down to tell his story. He shares the pain of losing his brother and how he plans to keep his memory alive. Stevante Clark in studio with Kat Read More

E. coli Warning For Romaine Lettuce

The CDC is asking you to throw away Romaine Lettuce from the Yuma, Arizona region. So far 53 people are sick across 16 states from this E. coli outbreak. Check the packages from your Romaine Lettuce or just throw it away to be safe. CLICK HERE TO READ THE CDC WARNING Read More