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Bre and Comedian Ellis Rodriguez on Fox 40!

Your girl Bre and Cap City Comedy Slam Comedian Ellis Rodriguez stopped by Fox 40 Studio Yesterday to talk to Paul about Cap City Comedy Slam. Click HERE to watch the video! Tickets are only $25 Click HERE for event details/info. Read More

5 Reasons to Attend a Comedy Show!

Do you usually learn about new comics from watching comedy specials on Netflix? That’s great. However, all those comedians started out on small stages - and you might not know it, but there’s an active comedy scene right here in the Sacramento area! Are comedy shows for me? YES! Here are the TOP 5... Read More

Cops Find Dead Man Cuddled Up Next To Home-Made Sex Doll

A 66 year-old man was found dead cuddled up next to his home-made sex doll in Russia. The dead man's neighbors called authorities after they complained about a bad smell coming from the apartment. When the cops showed up to investigate the smell, they found the dead man mummified next to his home-... Read More

The Spice Girls Have Signed Contracts To Tour

The Spice Girls really need to get it together! We have been hearing mixed information of this so-called "reunion tour" going on 2 years now, so I really don't know what to believe anymore! TMZ reports that the girls have signed contracts for a series of concerts in the UK and North America. This... Read More

Kanye West Returns To Instagram For Valentines Day Post To Kim

Kanye West picked the most romantic day of the year to make his return to Instagram with a simple handwritten note for his wife Kim Kardashian which you can see here . Kanye also added a lot of random celebrity couples to his page from Johnny Depp/Kate Moss, Pamela Anderson /Tommy Lee, Madonna/Sean... Read More

The Card Game Uno Is Finally Getting A Sequel [Video]

The card game Uno came out in 1971, and it hasn't really changed, evolved, or branched out in almost 50 years. So this is LONG overdue: Mattel just announced that they're finally coming out with a sequel to Uno . . . called Dos. Obviously. Video of Dos from Mattel It looks like the action is pretty... Read More