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Taco Bell Is Making Chips That Taste Like Their Hot Sauces

Taco Bell's sauce packets are pretty legendary, so I guess this was inevitable. They just announced they're making a new line of tortilla chips that TASTE like their sauce packets. And the chip bags will even look just like the sauce packets. The chips will come in mild and fire . . . turning the... Read More

Mother Arrested For Letting Her Baby Smoke A Blunt [Viral Video]

A 20 year-old mother from Raleigh has been arrested for two counts of child abuse. A video posted on Facebook shows the mother letting her infant child smoke out of a blunt. The video helped authorities find the young mother and arrest her for child abuse. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE VIDEO OF THE BABY... Read More

Man Shoots His Finger Off While Asleep

A 30-year-old Nebraska man accidentally shot his pinky finger after falling asleep holding his handgun. According to reports the accident happened on Tuesday at the man's home while sitting on his couch. He told the cops he "must have fallen asleep" holding his newly-purchased 9 mm pistol in his... Read More

Secondhand Pot Smoke Three Times Worst Than Tobacco

Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, have concluded that secondhand smoke from marijuana is three times worse for you than secondhand smoke from tobacco. Weed smokers -- and those who deal with the secondhand smoke -- are at risk of damaging their arteries, which can lead to... Read More