It’s not uncommon for customers, especially coffee and Starbucks enthusiasts, to create a concoction that’s out of the ordinary. The famous Seattle-based coffee chain is used to this sorta gig.

With the release of the “Zombie Frappuccino,” one Starbucks location invented the “‘It’ Frappuccino,”  inspired by Pennywise the clown from the movies and book.

This isn’t a Starbucks certified beverage, it was invented by YouTuber Daisy Marquez, who teamed up with a Los Angeles location.

It’s comprised of Vanilla Bean Creme and strawberry puree. The problem that’s getting baristas peeved is the little disclaimer that states “tell us to add a vanilla bean scone!”

In their policy, Starbucks employees are not allowed to blend pastries into drinks. However, many customers never got the memo as people are the country have been asking for this treatment and are ultimately getting denied.

“And then I told her it’s a company wide policy to not to blend pastries into beverages, and that store is blatantly breaking policy. BUT I’LL BE HAPPY TO MAKE IT FOR YOU WITHOUT THE SCONE,” one Reddit user stated on a board about this drink.

“That daisy person is apparently popular on snapchat and I’m mad at her for letting this thing get around nationwide. I’m at a Texas location and I’m having to make it here. No scone in it tho,” said another.

Although it looks tasty, I think i’ll just stick to my normal vanilla latte. Hold the scone.


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