You know you must be having a very bad day when you’re the one that gets hit while riding a bicycle and then arrested for the incident.

According to a report by the Miami Herald, a Jimmy John’s delivery cyclist was hit in a downtown Miami crosswalk Thursday afternoon by a Miami police officer driving an unmarked car while riding back to the sandwich shop.

The cyclist, Mason Morales, has been in similar situations before as drivers cut him off on a daily basis, making it tough for him to do his job.

This time he’d had it and a fuse went off in his head.

Morales’ first reaction to getting hit was to toss his bike at the car, leaving a dent on the passenger side door. Then, the cop emerged from the vehicle, and Morales saw her uniform and knew he was in for it.

“I was in plain view but they kept driving and hit my back wheel,” he said. “It was not a major impact. I think she was on her phone and didn’t see me.”

Apparently, this wasn’t the first time the two had seen each other.

“I saw she was a cop so I knew I had (explicit) up,” he said. “This was my second run-in with this police lady. One time before in the same area she didn’t hit me but it was a near miss. She was on her phone.”

Ten cops showed up, searched Morales, and then arrested him in the middle of the street. He was later ticketed for “failing to yield the right of way” and charged with criminal mischief for the $500 of damage he did to the car.

Morales was then jailed until about 3 a.m., when his mom posted bail to get him out.


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