Amber discusses that infamous photo.

By Rahul Lal

2 Chainz is one of the most successful rappers out today and has been at the top of the rap game for nearly a decade now. He recently stopped by close friend Amber Rose’s show Loveline to discuss some of his opinions on sex and sexuality. Amber instantly asked him how comfortable he was being open about his sex life.

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“I’m not going to be that open,” he responded, surprising both Amber and co-host Dr. Chris Donaghue. “Sex is, to most people, a private ceremony where you practice love-making, you practice soul-swapping, and things like that,” he elaborated.

2 Chainz has been making headlines for his latest album Pretty Girls Like Trap Music and Amber made headlines a week before for a photo showing her untrimmed private parts. She was purposely trying to promote her body the way she wanted it rather than ways society expected her to.

“You’re welcome!” Amber was very happy about the results and the reactions she was getting from the picture. “There’s a whole website of scientists and gynecologists that are like when you shave and wax your pubic hair, you’re more susceptible to STDs, to infections, to bacteria. [The bush] is like a goalie for the vagina. I grew my goalie into a grown woman and she protected my vagina and I appreciate her.”

Amber feels that there are two things that both plague women: razor bumps and bushes. She wanted to let people know her preference as it pertained to the issue and that she enjoys having her bush.

“I’m not good with bumps. I’m not functioning well with bumps because I’m not sure if that’s what the bumps are. If it has to be hair, then I’ll be cool,” 2 Chainz chimed in. “I think shaving has become the new trend. Women just do that in general, they groom themselves. I bet that’s one of the most booming businesses in the last five to ten years.”

To listen to the entire episode of Loveline with Amber Rose featuring Dr. Chris Donoghue and 2 Chainz, listen below.

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