Apparently The Internet Is Turning Everyone Into Health Professionals.

I am SOOO lucky my mother was not computer savvy enough to symptoms when I was a kid. It was bad enough that she was a nurse. If I sneezed wrong, twitched by accident, even a fart squeaked instead of BOOMED. I was dragged to the ER with no delay. To say that she was a hypochondriac is putting it lightly.

Now, according to a new study, when parents google their child’s symptoms, they are less likely to trust a doctor’s diagnosis.

“The internet is a powerful information tool, but it is limited by its inability to reason and think,” Dr. Milanaik said. “Simply entering a collection of symptoms in a search engine may not reflect the actual medical situation at hand. These computer-generated diagnoses may mislead patients or parents and cause them to question their doctors’ medical abilities and seek a second opinion, thereby delaying treatment.”

“Parents who still have doubts should absolutely seek a second opinion,” she said. “But they shouldn’t be afraid to discuss the result of internet information with the physician.”

I totally understand getting a second opinion if something major is going on but I am not sure Google qualify’s.

Check out the full article here.

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